Montréal in Motion

the real life social network!

What began as a free spirited bbq amongst motion designers in the heat of 2015, is now a not-for-profit organization bringing together artists from many backgrounds and disciplines around a platform of conference and collaboration opportunities. A platform that is in constant evolution to meet the needs of emerging and established digital artists while promoting the development of personal creative projects.

As freelance artists, we know what it’s like to feel isolated in a creative bubble and stare at a computer screen all day. We wanted a way to meet our peers offline. A place where we could be inspired on a recurring basis and trigger meaningful encounters. Perhaps most importantly, we wanted to create a space where everyone felt like they were on the same level, no matter their experience.

Welcome to MiM.


For our third season, we’ve decided to make a commitment to women in the creative industry by featuring an all female artist lineup! Despite our many attempts last season, we never managed to achieve gender parity. This awareness led us to question our pulse on the industry. Above all, we wanted to ensure that MiM remains a place of equality and openness. This, is our modest attempt at rebalancing the scale.

Over the course of our regular season, we’ll be featuring 10 female artists in various creative industries throughout our 5 headlining events. Let’s hangout!


George Simeo

Motion Designer, Director


Sarah Ouellet

Designer, Multimedia Director


Patrick Goski

3D Artist, Technical Director



Board of Directors

George Simeo

Content & Programming Director,

Montréal in Motion

Sarah Ouellet

Art Director,

Montréal in Motion

Patrick Goski

Logistics & Tech Director,

Montréal in Motion

Benoit Chagnon

Content Team Director,
Moment Factory

Gabriel Grenier

Creative Director,

Manuel Badel

Senior consultant,
Badel Media

Emily Paige

Managing Partner & Co-founder,
e.d. Films

Simon Hudson

Managing Editor,
Element Ai

Archita Ghosh

Executvie Producer,
e.d. Films

Fanny Drew

Co-founder & Accounting Director,
Colonelle Films

Monica Schirdewahn

Lette & Associés

Sarah Mannering

Co-founder & Executive Producer,
Colonelle Films

Gwendal Creurer

Co-founder & CEO,
Bec Soda


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